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Two Heads Are Better Than One

by Jeremiah Degreef |  Published: Aug 20, 2010


Game: $30 no-limit hold’em tournament Opponent: Unknown player Stacks: Mine: 2,273; His: 9,581 (after the antes) My Cards: A K My Position: Under the gun plus one One situation that many players struggle with is letting go of top pair, top kicker hands. In some situations, it’s fine to put your stack in the middle with A-K on an ace-high flop, but depending on the specific board texture and opponent type, doing so might be overplaying your hand. I can’t recall how many players I saw at the World Series of Poker taking their top pair, top kicker hands too far — and ending up on the rail. For this hand analysis, I’ve asked high-stakes tournament player Jeremiah DeGreef to help me break down a recent top pair, top kicker tournament situation that I faced; let’s see if he agrees or disagrees with my play. This hand occurred in a ...

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