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Mind Over Poker

Despise Weakness

by David Apostolico |  Published: Aug 20, 2010


I was having a conversation with a friend recently about certain business matters. It wasn’t so much a conversation as much as it was me lending a willing ear to his venting. We were talking about various personality types and what it takes to succeed when he went off. He described in great detail that he absolutely despises weakness in people. It drives him nuts. He said that he’s always been that way. He even gave an example about playing catcher in Little League baseball. If he sensed that a batter was afraid of being hit, he would call a timeout to tell the pitcher to throw at the batter’s head, so that the batter would be even more afraid. While that particular anecdote is almost certainly apocryphal — and not one that I would ever condone — I think there is a real lesson here that can translate into ...

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