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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Jon 'apestyles' Van Fleet

Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet Overbets the River as a Fake-Out ‘Bluff’

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 20, 2010


Event: PokerStars no-limit hold’em rebuy tournament Buy-in: $50 Players in the Event: 609 First Place: $21,423 Hand No. 1 Blinds: 200-400 Antes: 50 Players at the Table: 9 Stacks: “apestyles” – 20,460; “jdsmith9” – 11,225 Craig Tapscott: Accumulating chips in blind-versus-blind situations can be crucial in tournaments. Can you discuss a recent hand that you played in just that scenario? Jon “apestyles” Van Fleet: Yes. I would say that this hand is a bit more complicated and advanced in its approach. Blind-versus-blind situations almost always involve weaker and wider hand ranges preflop. Thus, hand reading and the psychological aspects of the game become more important. Whether or not you attempt to bluff or get thin value depends upon your opponent’s view of you and what you are capable of doing. Weaker players tend to get run over in “blinds wars,” but tough players tend to call down lightly or play ...

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