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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Liv Boeree

Boeree’s Beautiful King-High Bluff

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Jul 01, 2010


In this month’s Hand 2 Hand Combat, European Poker Tour San Remo champion Liv Boeree discusses what she remembers to be a crucial hand against her final opponent Jakob Carlsson. Card Player also gave Carlsson the opportunity to have his say about the hand. However, until reading this, neither player knows what the other held or thought. Firstly, the hand… At level 34 with blinds of 150,000-300,000, Carlsson raised to 600,000 preflop from the button and Boeree flat-called. The flop came J 5 4 and Boeree led out for 750,000. Carlsson made the call and the turn was dealt the 2. Boeree once again fired out, this time for 1,700,000, and Carlsson called once more. The A came on the river and Boeree bet 3,500,000. Carlsson mucked. Both players were then almost even in chips. Boeree now recalls that she held K-9 or K-8. Carlsson is pretty sure he held ...

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