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Sports Desk

by Aidan Elder |  Published: Jul 01, 2010


The British Open In golf a lot of attention is devoted to Europe’s Challenge Tour and the USPGA’s Nationwide Tour in the search for emerging talent, but recent evidence suggests it’s worth looking towards the golden oldies in search of golf profit. Often considered a glorified pension plan for top-level pros, the recent performances of some of the Champions Tour and European Senior Tour stalwarts in the majors is worthy of closer attention. The physical demands of golf makes players less susceptible to the ravages of the aging process than most sports and as long as a senior pro still has the accuracy from tee to green, experience can go a long way to turning bogeys into par. So many of the younger stars play wonderful golf to get to the green, but a lack of nerve costs them in the putting department. Fred Couples at the Masters was a ...

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