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Mind Over Poker

Playing the Inexperienced Player

by David Apostolico |  Published: Jul 01, 2010


You’ll often hear professional players say that they would much rather play against another pro than an amateur. The rationale is that the amateur is entirely too unpredictable, since he doesn’t know what he’s doing. At the risk of greatly simplifying the makeup of the inexperienced player, I’d like to recommend two tips in this column when it comes to playing the inexperienced player. First, if a player wants to give away his chips, let him. Next, if a player wants to hold on to his chips, take them. These tips go hand in hand, but I think players often find them to be counterintuitive. Let’s look at them in greater detail. The first maxim refers to those players who are playing very loose, hoping to catch a hand. They will occasionally hit a hand and win a big pot, which will provide enough positive reinforcement to further fuel their ...

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