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Pretty Lady Bails Phil Out

Catching a card the second day in a row

by Phil Hellmuth |  Published: Jul 01, 2010


At the WPT (World Poker Tour) Championship recently, I caught a key ace (discussed in my last column) to propel me into day three. After a long and spirited battle, with 20 minutes left in day three, I finally played an enormous pot. The blinds were 3,000-6,000, and J.J. Liu opened for 18,000 immediately to my right (I was in the cutoff). I called with Q-Q, the player on the button called, and then, from the big blind, Andrew Lichtenberger made it 50,000 more to go. Liu folded, I smooth-called again, and the button folded. The flop came 6-5-4, Lichtenberger bet 75,000, and I called. The turn card was a jack, and Lichtenberger moved all in for 161,000. Decision time, decision time! I counted down my chips, and found that I had only about 172,000, so this was basically a decision for my tournament life. Finally, I called. Lichtenberger showed ...

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