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Planning Hands

by Michael Piper |  Published: Jul 01, 2010


Hopes and expectations are different animals. I hope to find Christy Turlington sitting on my toilet of gold after shipping the World Series main event, but I expect to play low stakes cash, lose a small amount of money and be utterly bored with the grind. The perfect poker career is by definition unobtainable, but to get as close as possible, keep your expectations rooted in reality and make plans accordingly. Strategic poker planning, both on and off the table, is crucial to maximising your win rate, but flexibility and fluidity is important as well — you don’t know what the river will be or how your opponent will react to your bet, so you may as well wait and see before you decide what to do. Stack Sizes Always be aware of remaining effective stack sizes relative to the size of the pot. Always. Facing an all-in bet, you ...

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