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Finland’s Short-Stacking Genius

by Sanna Poyry |  Published: Jul 01, 2010


Once upon a time Finnish online player “Raoh_” gained a huge amount of enemies on several poker forums. He did what many believed couldn’t be done or what others believed was just blind luck. “Raoh_” won hundreds of thousand of dollars with his short-stacking style, and no one could put a stop to it. Now the infamous short-stacking player is about to reveal his secrets. Raoh_ has played poker as a profession for years and has, while playing, spent countless of hours studying, analysing, and building mathematical models of the game and the players. As a result of all this work, he has created charts, large enough to cover half a wall each, which map out all the possible scenarios in a poker game. Raoh_ has only ever read one poker book that covered limit games so his approach to poker is all thanks to his own analyses. “A lot ...

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