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Contracts and Poker: Moving To A New Table

by Scott J. Burnham |  Published: Jul 03, 2019


The button is in seat 3. The player in seat 5 is knocked out in the play of that hand. The button moves to seat 4. A player from a broken table is moved to seat 5, which is now the small blind. Does the player in seat 5 get a hand? Almost invariably, the dealer says, “You have to wait one hand.” Sometimes the tournament director (TD) is called over, and he usually affirms the ruling. Of course, the player is not going to object, because the player is happy not to have to post a blind. But is that the right ruling? TDA Rule 9, which addresses when a player who is new to the table should be dealt a hand, is inconsistently enforced. The rule addresses “players from a broken table,” which seems overly restrictive since the rule equally addresses players who have just joined the game ...

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