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Limit Dramaha: An Introduction

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Jul 03, 2019


Dramaha is an exciting new game on the mixed-game scene offering a plethora of action, interesting decisions, and brutal beats. It is a split-pot game where the holder of the best five card draw hand splits with the best Omaha high holding. Two different variants of Dramaha have become most prevalent; the draw side can either be the best five card draw high or the best deuce to seven low. Dramaha played for high is typically just referred to as High Dramaha or just plain Dramaha while the version played for low is specified as Deuce to Seven (2-7) Dramaha. Many other variants are possible, what wins on the draw side is only limited to your imagination. For example, the winner in draw could also be who has the best badugi or even something completely obscure such as who has the most digits of Bob’s zip code. Regardless of what ...

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