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Real Poker: It’s All About The Expectation!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jul 03, 2019


All wagers are not created equal. Some have positive expected value (EV), some negative. Some, are effectively neutral, like betting even money on a coin flip. But transcending that, in poker, the EV of the positive and negative wagers vary, causing your bets to possess differing values. An opponent calling a bet drawing dead has dramatically different value from a bet that an opponent is correct in calling. And that’s a very important concept to understand in selecting your strategy choices. EV (expected value) is the mathematical amount you will win with a wager against a given hand or range. Unless the EV number is 100 percent or zero, it’s a different number than the wagered amount. If you bet $100 with 80 percent chance of winning, with no past or future wagers, your EV is $60. Over 100 trials you’ll win $100 80 times ($8,000) and lose $100 20 ...

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