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by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Jan 16, 2019


Some things aren’t quite fit for a whole column, so I’m dropping a few of them here because they’re things I’ve been thinking about and want to get out on paper anyway. 1. I used to be sponsored by PokerStars when it was owned by the Scheinbergs. They were wonderful to me and ran a spectacular poker site. I haven’t played on the site once since they ceased operations in the US, though I have been keeping up with as much of the news about the site as I can. As a result, I’m aware of their terrible rake policies and game issues. People that I have respect for like Isaac Haxton and others have decided that they’d rather not take PokerStars money than continue to promote the site. I tend to think they’re not great to their customers and are insanely greedy much of the time. It’s hard to ...

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