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Real Poker: Equity And Expected Value (EV): There’s A Difference!

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jan 16, 2019


Equity is the percentage share of the pot that you will win or split after all the cards are dealt out; folding is not quantified. This is calculated at the current point, and assumes no more betting. Your equity typically changes after another card is dealt. So, equity is calculated as if all hands are face up, all-in, and cards are dealt until the river with no further betting. Importantly, equity doesn’t incorporate the value of any bluffs or future wagers; it’s strictly a hand vs. hand percentage. It can be expressed as a percentage or as the dollar portion of the pot that the percentage represents. For example, if your hand is 50:50 to win in a $100 pot, your equity is 50 percent or $50. If your hand is 80:20 to win, your equity is 80 percent or $80. In practice, you can rarely put your opponent on ...

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