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Comparing Short Deck to Full Deck

by Kevin Haney |  Published: Jan 16, 2019


Disclaimer: This article might seem dry and boring. However, before we get to the more interesting topics of Short Deck it is imperative that we set the proper groundwork and examine the implications of playing with the truncated deck. So grab a cup of Joe if you must and let’s get to it. In a normal 52-card deck there are 1,326 combinations of starting hands. With a short 36-card deck the number of hand combinations is reduced to 630 which is a reduction of greater than 50 percent. Thus, you are slightly more than twice as likely to be dealt aces or any other particular hand. When you are dealt a pocket pair, your odds or making a set or better increase by around 50 percent. In hold’em, your odds are approximately 12 percent whereas in Short Deck it is around 18 percent. When you are not dealt a pocket ...

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