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The Psychological Side Of Being a Poker Winner- Part 1

by Marvin Karlins, Ph.D |  Published: Apr 11, 2018


“If you’ve played poker on a regular basis for more than three years and haven’t learned humility, then you’re either extremely lucky, terrifically talented, or a certifiable psychopath.” @Theduckman22 Poker pundits have suggested that to win at the game it should be viewed as a game of people played with cards. I would suggest that, whether you accept or reject that opinion, poker winning is intimately connected with the proper psychological frame of mind. The very nature of the game makes the mental aspect of play so critical. Take tournament no-limit hold’em as an example. Sometimes the pressure, competition, hours of concentrated play, bad beats, personality or opinion differences between players, life-changing cash prizes and the fact that even the best tournament poker pros win money less than 20 percent of the time all come together and makes one wonder why anyone would voluntarily play the game at all. How ...

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