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Remembering Paul Magriel: Part One

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Apr 11, 2018


It was with great sadness that I learned my longtime friend, gaming companion and teacher Paul Magriel had passed away. Paul, aka X22, Quack-Quack, and even Professor Quack-Quack, was one of the most brilliant gaming minds I have ever encountered. His life can provide both inspiration and warning to those who want to devote their lives to games and gambling. He is a key ingredient in many great stories of games and gambling. Let me begin by explaining the origin of his nickname, and the use he made of it to create a maniacal table image. Paul was involved in high-level mathematics at NYU and Princeton. He was a contemporary and friends with John Nash, and some of the other geniuses featured in the movie A Beautiful Mind. He became interested in the game of backgammon, which had become a jet set craze at the time and set out to ...

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