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Standing Up to the Bully

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Oct 11, 2017


Last time, I wrote about a player in the game that did something unethical in order to win the pot and then tried to play dumb about knowing whether it was within the rules or not. I spoke up in order to make it clear that this type of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated in the game and I thought I got my point across. Unfortunately, I was wrong. In the intervening time since that article and this one, the player at fault in this situation has tried to pull more angles. Not exactly the same ones, but angles nonetheless. On the previous night in question, I switched games to play some no-limit and found myself in a very good game. There was a man at the table who was trash talking everyone in that, “I’m going to tell you that this is light hearted if you ever challenge me on ...

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