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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Oct 11, 2017


July 15 — If your opponent is polarized and there are bluffs he can have… call! One of the most frequently occurring situations in no-limit hold’em is raising from late position and taking a pot heads-up against the big blind. Button raising ranges and big blind defending ranges should be fairly wide and that leads to some interesting scenarios. One of those spots happened to me just last night in the Commerce $10-$20 no-limit, uncapped game. The villain in the hand was a mid-forties, somewhat tight player and we both sat over $5,000 deep. The hand was folded to me on the button and I raised to $60 with 9 6. The small blind got out of the way but the big blind defended and we saw a flop of A K 9. The big blind, as almost always at this level, checked to me and I decided to check ...

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