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Regret: Part Two

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 11, 2017


Part One said that feeling or anticipating regret causes many costly mistakes. To avoid or reduce it, you may: • Play too long when you’re losing. • Chase without pot odds. • Play too passively. • Ignore evidence about an opponent’s cards, skill, or style. • Avoid developing your skills. The stronger your feelings are, the more likely you are to make certain mistakes. If you’re losing heavily, it’s harder to quit. If you’ve invested a lot in this hand, you’re less likely to fold. If you feel that changing your reads or playing style would make you feel foolish, you won’t do it. If you have a strong fear that you’ll regret the inevitable mistakes, you won’t experiment with new strategies. Part one also said that you can’t eliminate regret. You’re hard-wired to feel it when you make a mistake and to anticipate it when you’re thinking about doing ...

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