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Poker Questions and Answers 

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Oct 11, 2017


It’s that time again, time to clean up my desk. What that means is that I have compiled a list of questions from readers that I will attempt to answer today in this column. These questions are in no particular order.  Question: I play poker for a living and I have been keeping track of all of the tips that I spend. The amount is substantial since I play many hours per year. I realized how much money I could save if I stopped tipping the dealers. What are your thoughts on this? Answer: Poker dealers provide a service, much like a waiter, waitress or a bellman. Would you even think of not tipping them? As far as I am concerned, tipping is part of a poker player’s business expenses. It is a cost of doing business. If you cannot afford your business expenses, you should get into another line of ...

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