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Cruising and the Poker Hall of Fame

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Oct 12, 2016


It’s wonderful to be able to combine your work with your passion. I’ve always been lucky in this regard. I fell in love with poker at the age of 21 and played part time until I quit my job to become a professional poker player at the age of 27. I loved every minute of being a poker pro and then got into the poker cruise business at the age of 39 when some friends and I bought Card Player magazine. At 47, I realized that I liked the cruise business better than the publishing business, so I sold Card Player to Barry Shulman, but kept Card Player Cruises. For the past 24 years, I’ve been lucky to host poker players on fantastic cruises all over the world along with my best friend and business partner Jan Fisher. In the past 10 years, Card Player Cruises has gone from four ...

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