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Business Is A Poker Game: Managing Risks and Information

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Oct 12, 2016


Risks are an inescapable part of poker, business, and life. The strategies of poker and business winners can help you to manage the risks you face at poker and work. The essence of good risk-management is to get the best of it and then make the most of it. • Get the best of it means discover or create situations which give you an edge. • Make the most of it means act decisively to maximize the edge’s value. Many poker players and business people don’t perform either task well. Motives And Emotions Risks arouse emotions, which can cause irrational reactions. Risk avoiders are so afraid of risks that they’re indecisive. They procrastinate and overanalyze; it’s been called “analysis paralysis.” They believe they can’t make good decisions without all the facts, but you can rarely get them all. Risk seekers enjoy risks and take unnecessary risks to get a “kick.” ...

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