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Crushing Live Poker With TWITTER

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Oct 12, 2016


August 25 – There Are Certain Situations To Pot Control Pot control is really overrated in live low- and mid-stakes no-limit games. However, players used to wrongly implement the concept all of the time. I remember about six to eight years ago pot control was absolutely rampant in no-limit cash games. Commonly you would see players check back the turn with overpairs simply because they did not know what they were going to do if they were raised. This did not make a lot of logical sense, however, as the frequency of a check-raise bluff, especially in three- and four-bet pots was extremely low. But people believed the old adage that you did not want to play a big pot with one pair. In reality, the times to correctly pot control are rare and the game has evolved over the past few years where you hardly see it implemented. However, ...

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