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Important Life Lessons - Reminder

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Aug 19, 2015


I’ve mentioned the Wednesday Poker Discussion Group (WPDG) in my column in the past, but for those who are new to my writing, the WPDG is made up of poker enthusiasts of all skill levels who get together every Wednesday at Ricardo’s restaurant in Las Vegas to discuss poker. A typical meeting starts with announcements (members discuss special promotions in town, upcoming social events, and so forth) and then we discuss hands that members played during the week that were troublesome. Attendees offer opinions on how they would have played the hand preflop, and on the flop, turn and river. You do have to be a real poker lover to enjoy the discussion, as we have spent up to an hour dissecting a single turn card. Occasionally, we have guest speakers. Some of the speakers who have addressed the group in the last year or so include Mike Sexton, Daniel ...

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