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Tips For Me: Pot-Limit Omaha

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Aug 19, 2015


My previous column explained that after a poker session, I frequently write tips for myself to follow. Now I am passing these tips on to you. Last column, I covered some more no-limit hold’em tips. This column is devoted to pot-limit Omaha (PLO), which is the game I play most often these days. I will first talk about the character of the game. PLO is a vastly different poker form from what a lot of people think it is. The typical observer sees a game that has drawing hands so strong it is frightening. The last session I played before starting to write this, I picked up a 17-way straight draw combined with the nut flush draw. I missed on the turn, but picked up another flush draw with the new card. That is 14 flush cards (four cards that complete a flush pair the board and lose for me). ...

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