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Discipline: Part III – Tilt Avoidance

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Aug 19, 2015


In the last two columns I began my discussion of discipline with a discussion of tilt. My definition of tilt is making inferior plays to those someone of your technical skill level should make because of some circumstances that shouldn’t affect your decision-making. There is one more observation I want to make before I leave the topic of tilt. There is a technique, which I and several of my students have found useful for practicing tilt avoidance. Once you have found several methods of calming yourself after an event that might induce tilt, use a technique called future pacing. Perhaps you have decided that when something upsets you, you will take five deep breaths, remind yourself that short term fluctuations are random noise, and repeat the an appropriate aphorism. Here are some that I’ve used, but it is best if you develop your own or adapt them for yourself. • ...

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