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Head Games: The Top Three Keys to Winning Tournament Poker:  Aggression, Aggression, Aggression

With Brandon Wittmeyer, Josh Reichard, and Joseph McKeehen

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Aug 19, 2015


Craig Tapscott: Share a little about how you apply pressure on other players and keep the lead in a hand by selective aggression. And what are a few key things you do to set an aggressive tone at the table? Brandon Wittmeyer: One way to be successful in no-limit hold’em is using a selectively aggressive approach towards the game. A common tactic I use is three-betting in position against a player to isolate. This way you can take the lead in the hand and have a better understanding of where you are at; because sometimes if you don’t, you will be guessing the whole hand. After three-betting the player, he will either fold and you’ll win the pot without a showdown, or the player will call your raise or the player will reraise you. You can apply different tactics depending on the player’s skill level and hand range that you put ...

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