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Rules, Rules, Rules

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Jun 24, 2015


As a founding member and current member of the Board of Directors of the Tournament Directors Association (TDA), I often receive letters and emails asking for the correct rulings on things that happen over the green felt. Today’s column is in response to a few of the questions I recently have received. Question: If a player is all in for the antes in a game like seven-card stud or razz and would have been the forced bring-in, who has to bring it in and who is next to act? Answer: If the player who would be the forced bring-in is all in for the antes, there is no forced bring-in that hand. The action starts with the player to the left of the person who would have been the bring-in. His options are to call the minimum bring-in amount, raise to the amount that would be considered completing the bet, or ...

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