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Crushing Live Poker With TWITTER

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Jun 24, 2015


May 3 — Just because you raise with a combo draw doesn’t always mean you will get the right price to call an all in One of the hands that I frequently drive as a strong semibluff when I am on a draw is middle or bottom pair and a flush draw. The reason why I like these as opposed to top pair and a flush draw is oftentimes you will have more outs with them against the preflop raiser, and if you do hit trips, you are way more likely to continue to get paid off on a later street. With the top card pairing and you holding trips it can kill the action or worse, you could still be beat. However, just because you raise with a pair and a flush draw—or any type of draw for that matter—does not mean that you always have to call off ...

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