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Head Games: Stack Awareness. Always Know the Size of Your Stack and Your Opponents During Tournament Play

With Chris Moorman, Chris Wallace, and Brian Hastings

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jun 24, 2015


Craig Tapscott: When it comes to playing a big stack, what kinds of things do you survey about the other stacks at the table when it comes to opening pots? Chris Moorman: An important thing to consider when opening as a big stack at the final table is where the other big stacks are positioned. For example, if the only other big stack is in the small blind it is much more favorable to open wider in this spot than when the same stack is on the button and will have position for the rest of the hand. The smaller stacks are generally going to be reluctant to play back at you as wide, therefore you will have a much easier time playing against them as they are will be forced to play tighter ranges if they are ICM (Independent Chip Model) aware. Also, I will be looking at how ...

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