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Mindset at $1-$2 No-Limit

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Jun 24, 2015


I mentioned in my last article that I recently spent some time playing live $1/$2 no-limit hold’em cash games in preparation for my exclusive monthly webinar. Near the end of the webinar, I discussed many mindset flaws that most of the players I played against demonstrated. If could teach my opponents one thing, it would be to stop caring about the money. Early in one of my sessions, I was dealt A K from middle position. I raised to $7 and a tight, passive 50 year old guy went all in from the small blind for $60. I made the trivial call. My opponent showed 10-10. The flop came A-8-6-4-10, giving the pot to my opponent. In my mind, there was nothing to see here. This was a simple all-in and call scenario that both players played well. I was somewhat surprised to see that no one else at the ...

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