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Poker...Then and Now

by Linda Johnson |  Published: Apr 29, 2015


I admit it; I’m a dinosaur when it comes to poker. If there was to be a series of, “I’ve been playing poker so long, I remember when they used to …” jokes, I could fill in a lot of the blanks. I’m often asked how poker is different today than it was 40 plus years ago (ouch!) when I started playing legally in poker rooms. This sounds like a good topic for today’s column, since most poker players today have no idea how much difference there is from the 2015 poker scene and the 1974 poker scene. 1. Smoking – When I look at pictures from, “the old days of poker,” I see players smoking at the table. It used to be brutal to get a tournament seat draw next to a smoker. At least in a cash game you could change seats or leave, but I remember how ...

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