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Fun J-J Hand

by Jonathan Little |  Published: Apr 29, 2015


Whenever I travel to play the high-stakes live tournament circuit, I always post a few hands on the hand-sharing app, Share My Pair. At the most recent European Poker Tour event in Malta, I played a fun hand with J-J that stirred up quite a bit of discussion. In a €2,000 buy-in event with blinds at 200-400 with a 50 ante and 20,000-chip stacks, a tight, aggressive kid raised to 900 from second position. A European kid who I did not know called on the button. I looked down at the beautiful J J. While most people said they would reraise for various reasons, most of which are quite speculative, I usually call in this situation. The purpose of calling is to keep the pot manageable, while making it impossible for me to be put in a difficult spot preflop. Notice if I reraise and anyone calls, I am going ...

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