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Odds: Part VI

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Apr 29, 2015


This series of columns has been devoted to odds. An understanding of odds is essential for anyone interested in poker, sports betting or many other types of games and gambling. In one of the earlier columns, we looked at converting percentages to odds. The chance that something will happen divided by the chance that it won’t. If an event will occur 80 percent of the time, then divide 80 percent by 20 percent. The odds in favor of it happening are 4 to 1. In another of the earlier columns, we looked at the odds of various hold’em hands beating other hands. These calculations of winning chances preflop are best done using a computer program like the Card Player Calculator. In live games, you will frequently face decisions on the flop and the turn. In these cases, there are more cards to come, and the odds of winning can be ...

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