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Some Players Do The Darndest Things

by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 29, 2015


The forums at are a place where players can post hands with some analysis and get feedback from the community and also from me and the other lead coaches. Recently, there’s been a number of hands posted on these forums where the accompanying analysis is flawed in a specific way—it’s far too specific. Here’s a fictional example that I’ve exaggerated so you’ll see what’s wrong. “The flop came J-J-5. He wouldn’t have raised preflop with a pair tens or below or any unpaired jack, and he wouldn’t have raised the flop with just pocket aces, kings, or queens, so I put him on quad jacks and folded my pocket fives.” Of course no one has analyzed a hand in quite this way, but many of the analyses do narrow down the possible opponent hand ranges very quickly based on things like preflop action and the presence or absence of ...

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