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Why You Can’t Beat Low-limit Games — Part VII

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Mar 04, 2015


Parts I&II proved that low-limit games’ costs are such a high percentage of the action that you can’t win without a huge edge over your opponents. Part V told you why you should study them, especially the weaker ones. This column will tell you how to study them: 1. Focus on the action. 2. Take detailed notes. 3. Don’t study your cards. 4. Study opponents after folding your cards. 5. Focus on one or two players. 6. Use a labeling system. 7. Constantly try to “get into their heads.” 8. Ask them questions. 9. Propose and test hypotheses. 10. Be honest about your limitations. Focus On The Action. This is the first and most important recommendation. It’s so obvious that there should be no need to mention it, but it’s absolutely necessary. Far too many players make cell phone calls, text their friends, play games on their tablets, watch TV, ...

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