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Stack Management in Pot-Limit Omaha Tournaments Part I – How PLO Tournaments Try to Ruin Your Sanity

by Ben Yu |  Published: Mar 04, 2015


Pot-limit Omaha (PLO) is the game most adversely affected when it is thrust into the tournament spotlight. I would go so far as to say that is broken, or at least was not designed to be played in tournaments because the correct play can diverge so radically from its cash game sister. Specifically, there are more situations where it is correct to take the more conservative action with your entire range. For instance, in no-limit hold’em, it can be correct to fold pocket aces with a single big blind on the bubble of the tournament. In seven-card stud it can even be correct to fold a rolled up hand with one ante a spot away from the money. However, these scenarios are fairly corner case and involved having a microstack. In PLO tournaments, it is fairly common that you should fold or at least not reraise premium aces, even with ...

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