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Poker Players Aren’t Created Equal

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Mar 04, 2015


In a game I was playing in the other day, there was a multi-way pot that was raised preflop by the button after several limpers. They took the flop five- or six-handed. By the river, it was down to three guys with a board of Q-9-6-8-9 with three hearts. The first guy had a queen-high straight, the second guy had a nine-high straight, and the third guy had the ace-high flush. The last guy was lamenting over missing a river bet in what was already a large pot, probably around $1,000 at $5-$5 blinds. Everybody in the hand had $600 or more behind and during the postmortem of the hand, someone at the table (I can’t remember if it was someone involved in the hand) said, “I’m sure he would have called an all-in, he called a raise with 7-5 offsuit before the flop.” I kept a straight face and ...

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