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So How's It Going?

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Jul 23, 2014


So how’s your World Series of Poker going? Have you met all your goals? Stormed and boarded a bunch of final tables? Or have you been battered by beats that sent you prematurely to the rail? There’s still time to make a big comeback — if you’re reading this in a timely fashion, then the main event has yet to take place, and the chance for ultimate glory still lies before you. If you plan to win that tournament, or any tournament of significant duration, there are a few strategies you’ll want to keep in mind. Most of you know these strategies, of course, but knowing them and acting upon them are two different things, so let’s consider this a checklist or a friendly reminder of what it takes to win major poker tournaments — cards, skill, guts, and luck quite aside. First, remember that it’s a marathon, not a ...

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