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Using Your Tools

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Jul 23, 2014


I’ve recently started taking on private students and it’s been quite an eye opening experience for me. It forces me to get back into the habit of talking and thinking about poker hands. In addition, it has made me get reacquainted with my poker expected value (EV) calculators as well. I still use the updated version of PokerStove that doesn’t have a date restriction on my computer, but the Android app leaves a little bit to be desired, so I’ve switched my mobile calculating over to an app called PokerCruncher. It has all of the same functionality of PokerStove has on my PC, but with a little slicker interface. It costs $5, but is worth it to have a slick range calculator with full functionality on your phone. One thing that I’ve encountered with my students is that they have almost no familiarity with PokerStove and, as a result, I’ve ...

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