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Head Games: Inside Info Regarding Bet Sizing and How to Read Your Opponent’s Bet in Tournament Play

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 23, 2014


Pros: Darren Elias, Jesse Sylvia, and Phillip Hui Craig Tapscott: How important is bet sizing? Share your thoughts on how to use bet sizing as a weapon. Darren Elias: Bet sizing can be crucial in no-limit hold’em tournaments. In my opinion, bet sizing should always be a function of effective stack sizes. At deeper stacks, I am going to be using bigger sizing to put more pressure on my opponents and win much bigger pots when I have big hands. I find that a lot of online players still like to min open or 2.2 times open at 100 big blind (BB) plus stacks, which I believe to be an inferior strategy to opening three times or bigger. However, it makes sense that they do this because most online tournaments are relatively shallow throughout, and as stacks become shallower, a smaller bet is often the better choice. I feel that ...

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