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More about Bluffing: Part VI

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jun 25, 2014


There are many poker truths that are easy to state, but hard to actually execute at the table. Here are two that relate to bluffing. 1. How big should your bluffs be? They should be big enough to get the job done. Betting more than this is needlessly risking your money. 2. When should you bluff? You should bluff whenever your opponent is going to fold and never when he is going to call. Perhaps these two pieces of advice should be called poker truisms or tautologies. Let’s look at them in a little detail. To make things simple, let’s assume you are against one opponent, who has checked, there are no more cards to come (at the river), and the pot is 100. If you bet for value and are called, you always win. If you bluff and are called, you always lose. It should be intuitively obvious that ...

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