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Let’s Improve Poker’s Image

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Jun 25, 2014


My last column said poker’s poor image damages relationships with our families and friends and helps our enemies to commit outrages like UIGEA and Black Friday. Let’s improve it. Preston Oade, a poker player and distinguished attorney, collaborated on both columns. We believe that you, we, and other serious players can improve poker’s image by publicizing poker’s age-delaying and educational value. Poker Can Delay Aging Older people often fear age-related mental deterioration, and poker can slow down or prevent it. My recent series, “Stay Young; Play Poker,” explained how poker’s mental stimulation and social interaction can help players to stay young and sharp. Poker Isn’t “Just Gambling” It develops important skills and personal qualities, including understanding others, discipline, patience, controlling emotions, managing information, and conducting risk/reward analyses. Players can improve important decisions about careers, investments, warfare, and so on. In No-Limit Life, Charlie Shoten stated, “to become a better poker ...

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