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Who Has The Nuts?

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jun 25, 2014


In the major Las Vegas cardrooms, cash-game stack sizes tend to run a little deep. The buy-in cap for most of the $2-$5 games is $1,000, and it’s very common for the majority of the table to be playing more than $500 each. At $5-$10, the buy-in cap tends to be $3,000, and a number of players routinely sit this deep. When stacks are deep, the nuts is a very important hand. Few players appreciate just how important the nuts can be in these games. Whether the nuts is reasonably in your range or not can determine how you should approach a situation. Here’s an easy example. A tight, typical regular $2-$5 player sitting with $1,000 opens for $20 from under the gun (UTG). Two players call, and the big blind (BB) calls. There’s $82 in the pot. The flop comes 7 4 2. Who has the nuts? Any of ...

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