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Head Games: Early Position Tournament Strategy as the Money Bubble Approaches

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Sep 04, 2013


The Pros: David Sands, Adam Junglen, and Marc Andre Ladouceur Craig Tapscott: Share your thoughts on early position strategy during the heat of the battle, as the event draws closer to the money bubble. Perhaps talk about ranges and player reads as they relate to your decisions to open. David Sands: My early position opening strategy is predicated primarily on two factors: stack sizes and how much I respect the opponents behind me. My table image at the time, as well as the proximity to the money bubble, are secondary factors which, although they are not as important as the first two, merit substantial consideration. The first thing I look at when evaluating how wide to open from early position is how many of the players behind me have good reshove stacks. I define reshove stacks, roughly, as stacks between 12 and 22 big blinds. Since I cannot “outplay” an ...

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