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Doing It Unconventionally

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Sep 04, 2013


Conventional wisdom is, by self-definition, conventional. But when situations are unconventional, the conventional wisdom needs to be modified to conform to the unconventional situation. And unconventional situations happen all the time in poker. In those situations, applying, analyzing and weighing correct concepts to the situation should formulate a correct unconventional solution. Because unconventional situations occur so often, it’s important to learn poker conceptually if you want to perform at a world-class level and not just apply an “if this, then that,” generic strategy. It was the first week of the World Series of Poker, a great time for poker in Las Vegas. In my $40-$80 limit hold’em game, sitting to my immediate right, was a fellow who obviously had limited hold’em knowledge. He raised with any and all pairs preflop, bet them on the flop, and took them to and called the river whenever it wasn’t totally apparent a wired ...

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