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Crushing Live Poker With Twitter

by Bart Hanson |  Published: Sep 04, 2013


August 6 – NLH isn’t a battle of the blinds it’s a battle for stacks One of the most important things that has changed over the last ten years in no-limit cash games is the capped buy-in nature of smaller tables. Before the Moneymaker Effect, no-limit used to truly be no-limit, no matter what the blinds were, you could buy in for any amount. However, a buy-in of more than 100 big blinds was considered big, and if you had 200-300 big blinds, you would have the table covered by a ton. Nowadays, in unrestricted buy-in games, 200 big blind buy-ins are almost standard. When no-limit as a cash game first started developing serious popularity after 2003, casinos realized that the best way to continue a steady rake and to make sure that players would not get annihilated was to institute capped, restricted buy-in structures. These games were way more ...

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