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On Being (a) Professional Part III

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Sep 04, 2013


So far in this series I’ve talked about things that I’ve gotten better at throughout my career as a professional poker player. Learning is a lifelong process and one of the hallmarks of being a professional, no matter what you are a professional in, is the constant struggle for improvement. I have often said that once I think this game has nothing left to teach me, I should probably quit, since it will be all downhill from there. Socrates said “the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.” In the spirit of that quote, I’d like to discuss some things that I know I need to work on. Mental game My mental game is strong in some areas and weak in others and it’s a part of the game where I need to be constantly improving. One of my weakest points shows up often in tournaments. Tournament to tournament, ...

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