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On Being (a) Professional — Part II

by Gavin Griffin |  Published: Aug 21, 2013


Last time we talked about my ideas on how time management have changed over the time I’ve been a professional poker player. I went from being very carefree and lackadaisical with my time to scheduling more often and holding myself to the schedules that I set with my family. In addition to that skill that I’ve learned, I’ve learned some others throughout my time as a professional poker player. One of those is learning how to study. One of the best things that the online game introduced to the poker world was an academic approach to poker. Because of immediately available hand histories, it became possible to quantify the game in a much deeper way. Before online poker, players had a pretty good idea of what kind of hands to play from which position. You could follow that or not, but there were some guidelines developed. You could also know ...

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